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AWS Cloud Computing - we show you what you do in this job!

19th March 2024

In this article you will learn more about the main tasks and benefits of the AWS Cloud Computing job.

As an AWS (Amazon Web Services) Cloud Computing Specialist, you are the expert for the provision, management and optimisation of cloud-based solutions with AWS. Here we briefly explain the main tasks of this job, the benefits and the salary you can expect.

Cloud architecture: You will design and develop cloud architectures that meet business needs, taking into account scalability, security, performance and cost optimisation.

Provision of resources: Deploy cloud resources such as virtual machines, storage, databases and networks to meet application and workload requirements.

Security and compliance: Ensure the security of the cloud infrastructure by implementing security policies, access controls, encryption and regular audits to meet compliance standards.

Scalability and performance optimisation: Plan the cloud infrastructure so that it can handle increasing demands and optimise the performance of applications and workloads by adapting resources and configurations.

Automation and orchestration: Implement automation tools and processes to automate the provisioning, configuration and management of resources and utilise services such as AWS CloudFormation for infrastructure orchestration.

Monitoring and troubleshooting: Monitor cloud infrastructure performance and availability, proactively respond to potential issues and perform troubleshooting actions.

Cost management: Manage the costs of the cloud infrastructure by using resources efficiently, deactivating unneeded resources and applying cost optimisation methods.

Training and knowledge transfer: Keep up to date with AWS services and best practices and share knowledge through training and provision of training materials.

Collaboration with teams: Work closely with development and operations teams to understand cloud infrastructure requirements and deliver effective solutions.

The benefits and salary of AWS Cloud Computing Specialists:

High demand: as organisations increasingly shift to cloud-based infrastructures, there is a growing demand for professionals who understand AWS.

Wide range of tasks: As an AWS Cloud Computing Specialist, you will work on a variety of tasks, including cloud architecture, resource provisioning, security, scalability optimisation and much more.

Career opportunities: By earning AWS certifications and continuing your education, you'll have numerous career opportunities open to you, both in large corporations and at startups and consulting firms.

Attractive salaries: AWS Cloud Computing specialists generally earn above-average salaries, as their skills and knowledge are in high demand. The average salary of an AWS Cloud Computing Specialist varies depending on experience, location and company. For an AWS Cloud Specialist with a few years of experience, the average annual salary in Europe can be between €60,000 and €100,000. In some cases, particularly at leading technology companies or in specialised industries such as financial services or healthcare, salaries can be even higher. If you would like to know more information about “AWS Cloud Computing salary” we have prepared more for you.

As an AWS Cloud Computing Specialist, you will play a central role in the design and management of cloud infrastructures, ensuring optimal performance, security and scalability.

As part of the AWS Re/Start programme, we offer a Remote Cloud Computing Bootcamp (live online) where you will learn to design, plan and scale AWS deployments using a few core AWS services in a highly available and fault-tolerant way.
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