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Can I register as a job seeker by e-mail?

22nd May 2024

A Guide to 'Arbeitssuchend Melden Online'

Finding yourself needing to announce your job search status (arbeitssuchend) in Germany is manageable. The German Federal Employment Agency (Bundesagentur für Arbeit) has an online portal. Here, you can register as a job seeker online swiftly and meet your arbeitssuchend declaration requirement.

Registering as a job seeker online means the employment agency will automatically know you're on the job hunt. It's the most straightforward way to report as a job seeker. Also, it helps avoid any issues or delays.

This article will lead you through registering as a job seeker via email or the web. Also, we'll cover crucial details on the rules and effects of not registering on time.

Understanding the Difference Between "Arbeitssuchend" and "Arbeitslos"

In German labor terms, the concepts of arbeitssuchend and arbeitslos are key distinctions. Knowledge of this difference is crucial for those looking to register as job seekers or apply for benefits.

Arbeitssuchend: Seeking Employment While Still Employed

Arbeitssuchend describes those hunting for a job while already employed elsewhere. It shows active pursuit of new career options, often during a notice period. This pursuit might also coincide with the closing stages of their current job.

Arbeitslos: Officially Unemployed and Seeking Benefits

On the other hand, arbeitslos means you're officially out of work. In this state, people seek aid in the form of unemployment benefits (Arbeitslosengeld) from the German state. This status typically follows the end of a job, whether contractually or via termination.

When and How to Register as Arbeitssuchend

Under German labor law (§ 38 SGB III), registering as arbeitssuchend is mandatory. It should be done at least 3 months before your current job ends. This applies if your contract is ending or if you've received a 3-month notice of termination.

Three-Month Notice Period for Ending Employment

By signing up as arbeitssuchend early, you meet your legal duty. Plus, you make sure the job center is informed about your job search ahead of time. This way, they can offer the help you need to secure a new job.

Immediate Registration Within Three Days of Termination

Should you lose your job suddenly, without the full 3-month notice, act fast. You need to register as arbeitssuchend within 3 working days of learning your job's end date. It's critical to do this quickly to keep your unemployment benefits and support in place.

Legal Basis for Registering as Arbeitssuchend

The necessity to enroll as arbeitssuchend (seeking employment) stems from the German Social Code's Third Book (Sozialgesetzbuch III or SGB III). More precisely, Section 38(1) highlights this requirement:

  • When anticipating a job loss, individuals should register themselves with the employment agency. They must do this as soon as they know the employment is coming to an end.

  • This registration deadline is set at three months prior to the end of employment.

  • For those with less than a three-month notice, enrollment is required within three working days from the knowledge of termination.

Such directives aim to guide those facing job loss towards seeking new opportunities. They also enable access to benefits and support from the employment agency.

Step-by-Step Guide: Registering as Arbeitssuchend

Registering as arbeitssuchend is straightforward via the German Federal Employment Agency's online portal. This method utilizes the eService platform on their website. It enables you to establish a user profile and finalize your registration.

Registering Online via the Employment Agency Website

From the comfort of your home, registering as a job seeker is easy. Simply access the eService platform on the employment agency's website. This online service allows you to create a profile and declare your job seeker status officially.

Registering by Phone

Alternatively, you can opt to register by phone. Call the employment agency at 0800 4 5555 500 for a toll-free registration experience. Here, you'll offer the same information as the online process during the call. A representative will help you along.

Registering in Person at the Employment Agency

If face-to-face registration is your choice, visit a local employment agency office. This method lets you sign up as arbeitssuchend with a counselor's help. They can make sure all information is provided. They can also help address any questions you might have.

Arbeitssuchend Melden Online: Registering as a Job Seeker Online

Registering as arbeitssuchend is easiest via the online platform of the employment agency. It's perfect for doing so from the safety of your home. You can set up a user profile and complete the registration process without leaving your house.

The eService Platform: Creating a User Profile

The eService platform allows you to build a detailed user profile with your personal and work information. Including details on your job history and what you're looking for in a new role. This profile helps the employment agency match you with job opportunities that fit your skills and aspirations.

Accessing Job Matching and Recommendations

Once registered, you can use the eService platform's job search tools. These include job matching and recommendations. They suggest open positions that align with your abilities and what you're looking for.

Consequences of Late or Missed Registration

Not registering as arbeitssuchend on time has serious ramifications. Under the law (§ 38 SGB III), failing to do so at least 3 months before your work ends, or within 3 days for shorter notices, can lead to benefit cuts.

Potential Benefit Suspension and Penalties

Missing these deadlines might see your unemployment benefits (Arbeitslosengeld) stopped or lose other aid from the German Federal Employment Agency. You might also incur administrative penalties for not meeting reporting duties.

Understanding and adhering to these legal responsibilities and timelines is essential. It's key for a seamless transition and maintaining your benefit eligibility during your employment hunt.

Transitioning from "Arbeitssuchend" to "Arbeitslos"

When your work ends, you should update your status to arbeitslos and seek unemployment benefits (Arbeitslosengeld). This phase follows your initial registration as "arbeitssuchend." These steps are interconnected.

Applying for Unemployment Benefits (Arbeitslosengeld)

Applying for benefits mandates a visit to a local employment office or utilizing their online services. You'll detail your past jobs, earnings, and the factors behind your unemployment.

In assessing your claim, the agency examines if you qualify for Arbeitslosengeld. What you get, as well as how long you can receive these benefits, hinges on your historical income, work tenure, and personal situation.

Shifting from arbeitssuchend to arbeitslos marks a vital stage for obtaining financial help. Swiftly finishing this step is key to reducing any financial strains and keeping solid ground amid this era of change.


Registering as a job seeker, or arbeitssuchend, is a key initial step in Germany when facing unemployment. Doing this promptly starts the process of gaining help from the employment agency. It also ensures you keep your right to unemployment benefits.

The difference between being arbeitssuchend and arbeitslos is crucial. Knowing this helps define your legal stance and what benefits you're eligible for. By grasping the meaning of these terms and the registration steps, you handle the labor system better. This makes a tough time more manageable.

It is vital to follow the timeline and procedures for job seeking registration. This is a legal must but also vital for accessing support and resources you might need. Being proactive and knowing the rules helps you in your job search. It also eases your way back into work.

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