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Differences between web developers and Java programmers: What you should know!

16th February 2024

Here are the basic differences between a web developer and a Java programmer.

Web developer and Java programmer are two different job profiles in the field of software development, and their main tasks may differ in some ways.

Web developer

A web developer specializes in creating websites and web applications. The main task of a web developer is to design the visual interface of a website and ensure that it works efficiently and is user-friendly. Here are some of the key aspects of a web developer:

  • Front-end development:
    web developers often focus on front-end development, which means that they deal with the aspects of a website that are visible to users. This includes HTML, CSS and JavaScript to create interactive and engaging user interfaces.

  • Design and user experience:
    Web developers work closely with designers to ensure that the appearance and user experience of a website meets requirements and expectations.

  • Frameworks and libraries:
    They often use front-end frameworks such as React, Angular or Vue.js to work in a more efficient and standardised way.

Java programmers

A Java programmer is a software developer who specialises in using the Java programming language. Java is a widely used, object-orientated programming language that is used for various types of applications. Here are some key aspects of a Java programmer:

  • Backend development
    Java programmers often work on the backend side of applications. They create the server-side logic, database connectivity and business logic that keeps the application running.

  • Enterprise applications
    Java is often used to develop enterprise applications. These can be complex systems such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

  • Frameworks and technologies
    Java programmers use frameworks such as Spring, Hibernate and Apache Struts to speed up development and implement best practices.


While web developers focus more on website design and functionality, Java programmers often work at a deeper level, developing applications and systems that require complex business logic and database interactions. Both roles have their own requirements, tools and are crucial for the development of modern software solutions.

​​Generally speaking, there is often a high demand for web developers due to the widespread use of web technologies in various industries, including e-commerce, media, education and others. The skills of web developers are more diversified and can be applied to different types of projects.

On the other hand, there is also a constant demand for Java developers, especially in companies that run Java-based applications, enterprise solutions and backend systems. Java is widely used in many large companies and industries, resulting in a stable demand for Java developers on the labour market.

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