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Guide to the perfect CV

4th April 2024

The perfect CV for IT jobs in Germany? We'll show you what's important!

It's all about career development in the IT sector! In this blog article, we focus on the masterclass of CV writing for jobs in the tech industry.

The importance of a carefully crafted CV

A resume, or CV (from the Latin "curriculum vitae" - life path), is your professional history on paper. It is the crucial document that will secure you an invitation to an interview and open the doors to new career opportunities. Your CV is a powerful self-marketing tool that can be used to showcase your achievements and skills to attract recruiters.

The optimal length for maximum impact

Be concise! Many recruiters don't have the time to work their way through extensive documents. Our recommendations are:

  • Keep it to one page if you have less than seven years of professional experience.

  • If you have more than seven years' experience, your CV can be longer, but clarity and relevance should always take priority.

Remember that there are exceptions. Take the time you need to reflect on your situation appropriately.

Structuring your CV: an overview of the sections

  • Personal information: Place your name and contact information clearly visible at the top of the document. Include your place of residence, email address and links to professional profiles such as GitHub or LinkedIn, but do not include your full address for privacy reasons.

  • Career summary: Craft your personal narrative in three sentences. Emphasise your strengths, previous experience and professional ambitions.

  • Expertise: Limit yourself to relevant technical skills. Categorise your skills to present them more clearly and make sure you feel comfortable talking about each of your stated skills in interviews.

  • Work experience: Focus on your achievements rather than day-to-day tasks. Structure each work section with details about the company, your role and concise bullet points.

  • Education: Keep your educational background short and concise. Include the name of the educational institution, the degree you obtained and, optionally, the date you graduated.

You will also often be asked to include a salary expectation as part of your application. You can find out about the salaries of some IT jobs here.


So there you have it, a comprehensive guide to creating an impressive developer CV. 

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