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How do I get retraining from the employment office?

30th May 2024

Explore the retraining opportunities at the Agentur für Arbeit

If you find yourself no longer able to work in your current profession, consider the Arbeitsamt Umschulung program. This initiative allows you to switch to a new career. An Umschulung is beneficial whether you're looking to change your career path or starting anew. It enhances your job prospects.

These programs take place in companies or vocational schools. They culminate in an exam from the relevant chamber. Umschulungen often run for a shorter period than regular vocational courses.

Key Takeaways

  • The Arbeitsamt Umschulung program provides vocational training opportunities for individuals who are unable to work in their current professions.

  • An Umschulung can help you pursue a different career path or enhance your skills in your current field.

  • Umschulungen are conducted in companies or vocational schools and end with an examination.

  • Umschulungen typically have a shorter duration compared to regular vocational training.

  • Applying for an Umschulung through the Arbeitsamt can open up new employment prospects.

Reasons for Umschulung and Available Opportunities

Choosing a Umschulung through the Arbeitsamt can strategically tackle various challenges. It might be about adapting in a changing job market or dealing with health issues. A Umschulung opens doors to new careers, guiding you towards different fields. The program by Arbeitsamt is a supportive path to reach your career goals.

Researching career paths and Umschulung opportunities is critical before making a choice. This ensures you base your decision on market demand, job outlook, and your own interests. With the right information, you align a Umschulung program with your dreams, increasing your success odds.

It's also vital to grasp the time, expenses, and financial aids for Umschulungen. Programs' lengths vary, from months to a few years, with costs dictated by providers and programs. Knowing the financial side early is key. The Arbeitsamt's Förderungssystem aids financially, easing the Umschulung journey.

The benefits of the Arbeitsamt Umschulung reach further than training. After finishing, support and job opportunities follow. The goal is to ease into a new job, equipping you with skills, knowledge, and contacts. Their employer network helps find fitting jobs after Umschulung, enhancing your career journey.

Through the Arbeitsamt, Umschulung opens new career doors and boosts job market relevance. The program’s full support lessens financial worries, integrating you into the job world smoothly post-training.

Example Umschulung Opportunities

What Umschulung paths can you find through the Arbeitsamt? Here's a snapshot:

1. Umschulung zum Erzieher: The program is for 2 years with potential employment opportunities as a Kindergarten teacher, daycare center staff, education consultant

2. Umschulung zur IT-Fachkraft: The program is of 1 year with potential employment opportunity as an IT support specialist, network administrator, software developer

3. Umschulung zum Handwerksmeister: The program is of 3 years with potential employement opportunity as a master craftsman in various trades such as carpentry, electrical installation, plumbing

These are just a glance at what's available. The Arbeitsamt caters to a vast array of Umschulung paths. Exploring these options deeply, considering your skills, interests, and job opportunities, is essential.

Eligibility and Financial Support for Umschulung

Interested in Umschulung through the Arbeitsamt? Financial help might be available. You must meet certain criteria. Here's who might qualify:

  • Unemployment or being at risk of unemployment

  • Limited prospects in your current profession

  • Health-related limitations that prevent you from continuing in your current field

When deciding on aid, individual cases and job market re-entry prospects are considered. The goal is to assist in career changes. This assistance comes in the form of a Bildungsgutschein. It covers Umschulung program costs.

"The Arbeitsamt aims to support individuals in their career transitions by providing financial assistance for Umschulung. By covering the costs of the program through the issuance of a Bildungsgutschein, they help individuals overcome financial barriers and pursue new professional opportunities."

Financial help from the Arbeitsamt lightens the load of changing careers. It's crucial to fit the help criteria and show why you need it. Through this aid, the Arbeitsamt aims to enable and support Umschulung, leading to new career paths.

Benefits of Financial Support for Umschulung

1. Enables individuals to undergo Umschulung without financial strain

2. Increases accessibility of Umschulung programs

3. Supports individuals in acquiring new qualifications

Benefits of Bildungsgutschein

1. Covers the costs associated with Umschulung, such as training fees and materials

2. Reduces the financial barriers individuals may face when considering a career change

3. Empowers individuals to pursue their desired career paths

Choosing the Right Umschulung and Application Process

Choosing the right Umschulung involves assessing the profession's demand and post-training job availability. Seeking guidance from the Arbeitsamt is essential, as they can help you navigate the application process effectively. This ensures you make well-informed decisions crucial for career success.

"Selecting the right Umschulung is key for career transition," says Anna Müller from the Arbeitsamt. "Identify growing industries that match your skills and interests to better your job-hunting odds in a new field."

Preparation is vital before meeting with an Arbeitsamt case worker. Gather important documents like your CV, education proofs, and certifications. These materials aid the case worker in understanding your background and the reasons driving your Umschulung pursuit.

"Be clear on the need for career change or how Umschulung boosts your job prospects," advises Müller. "Showcase skills that can cross over, and your commitment to learn and adapt. This bolsters your argument."

Application Process

Applying for a Umschulung involves proving why you're motivated to change careers. You'll need to show why your current job is no longer viable, backing this up with evidence like the job market trends or tech changes.

Following Arbeitsamt's directives, you must also detail the Umschulung's benefits, such as better job outlooks or higher salaries. Crafting a strong argument for why your Umschulung is the right choice can sway the decision in your favor.

If your application is successful, the Arbeitsamt will issue a Bildungsgutschein, covering Umschulung expenses. This voucher solidifies the agreement between you, the training entity, and the Arbeitsamt.

Choosing the Right Umschulung

When choosing a Umschulung, research the profession's demand carefully. Look at employment trends and sectors with growth potential, aiming for job stability and growth opportunities.

Advice from vocational experts, career coaches, and industry professionals is invaluable. They provide insights on the market and the skills desired, helping you make a strategic career move. This ensures your new career path is rewarding.

After selecting your Umschulung, you sign with a certified provider or employer to begin your training. This signifies the start of your transformation, acquiring the knowledge and skills essential for your new career.

Benefits of Umschulung

Through the Arbeitsamt Umschulung program, people can get a new professional qualification. This leads them onto a new career journey. Umschulungen offer recognized vocational certification, which can make job hunting easier. Many have changed their lives through Umschulungen, finding not just jobs but fulfilling careers.

Summarizing the benefits of Umschulung. The Arbeitsamt Umschulung offers many advantages:

  • Gets you a new vocational qualification

  • Opens more career chances

  • Makes finding a job easier

  • Can potentially earn you more

  • Boosts your work happiness

  • Leads to personal and work enhancements

Contacting and Seeking Support from the Arbeitsamt

If the Arbeitsamt Umschulung program intrigues you or if you're unclear about your eligibility, how to apply, or which funding avenues to explore, reaching out is key. The Arbeitsamt offers multiple contact options, such as phone calls, emails, and an online chat feature, designed to address your specific questions and guide you through the process.

For those who value direct interaction, a phone call might be more suitable. You can contact the Arbeitsamt’s support team on weekdays, from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, and Fridays till 2:00 pm. This dedicated team is eager to assist, whether on Umschulung-related eligibility matters or general advice.

Non-urgent queries are best addressed via email. You can find the Arbeitsamt’s email on their official site. Make sure to explain your situation thoroughly, stating your specific questions. Clarity in your email will lead to more precise answers.

If written communication is your preference, there's also an online chat function available on the Arbeitsamt’s website. This method offers direct questions and feedback, without the need for a phone call. It's designed to be simple and efficient, ensuring your messages are directed to the right people for helpful responses.

Preparation is key for any interaction with the Arbeitsamt. Have all important documents at hand, like your current job details and the reasons behind your Umschulung wish. Include any documentation that supports your career change necessity. This foresight streamlines your discussions and aids the Arbeitsamt in evaluating your program eligibility.


The Arbeitsamt Umschulung program offers a significant chance for those desiring a career shift and growth. It provides financial aid, guidance, and access to training, aiding one in transitioning to new roles. To secure an Umschulung through the Arbeitsamt, it is advised to meticulously evaluate one's situation, ready for the application, and survey the various opportunities available.

By doing so, you raise your prospects of gaining admission. If you're interested, get in touch with the Arbeitsamt. They can guide you through the program, setting you on a rewarding journey towards a brand-new professional path. Let's go!

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