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How much money do you get during retraining?

10th July 2024

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Understanding financial aid and benefits of Arbeitsamt Umschulung with neue fische

Thinking about joining a job retraining organized by the German employment agency (Arbeitsamt)? It's key to know some things about money. During an arbeitsamt umschulung or umschulung vom arbeitsamt, people don't get their usual pay. Instead, the Arbeitsamt gives them a financial boost. This help comes as a Bildungsgutschein (education voucher). It pays for the whole arbeitsamt umschulung.

More help might be there for people in arbeitsamt umschulung. They could get unemployment benefits (Arbeitslosengeld I or Arbeitslosengeld II). Or they might get a transitional allowance (Übergangsgeld). This extra money helps with daily living costs while retraining. The amount they get changes based on their situation and what they qualify for.

Understanding the Financial Aspect of arbeitsamt umschulung

Starting an arbeitsamt umschulung program brings big financial challenges. People often don't earn a steady income during this time. This makes it hard to pay for rent, food, and other must-haves. Luckily, the Arbeitsamt steps in to help with money. They provide different kinds of financial aid to support retrainees. This support is a big help while learning new skills.

Navigating the Challenges of Income Loss

Retraining means a temporary loss of the money you usually make. This can make paying bills tough. To ease this burden, the Arbeitsamt gives out unemployment benefits and a transitional allowance. This money helps retrainees pay their daily expenses as they focus on their studies.

The Role of Employment Agencies in Funding Retraining

German employment agencies, like the Arbeitsamt, are key players in helping retraining financially. They can give out an "education voucher" that pays for the whole retraining. This takes the money stress off retrainees. About 400,000 courses in Germany can be paid for this way.

The "education voucher" program aims to make people more employable. To get this voucher, you must be at risk of losing your job, unemployed but looking for work, or need more training. The Jobcentre in your area decides if you can get this training voucher. This makes it available to anyone in Germany who signs up with them.

Arbeitsamt Umschulung: Support from Employment Agencies

The Arbeitsamt in Germany is key in aiding individuals wanting job retraining, or umschulung. A key part is financial support. To get it, you must be jobless or facing this soon. Also, you need a solid reason for your training choice.

Eligibility Criteria for Funding

The Arbeitsamt looks closely at each candidate's situation. They want to see if the arbeitsamt umschulung can really lead to a job. If they agree, you may get a "Bildungsgutschein" that pays for training. You might also get help with living costs like benefits or allowances.

They might help with travel. You could get up to 476 € for travel and 130 € for stays away, if you use other ways to move. You can also get help with where you stay. This can be up to 31 € a day and 340 € a month, plus 18 € a day and 136 € a month for food.

If you have kids, they might cover 130 € a month per child for daycare. You can keep getting your unemployment benefit while you arbeitsamt umschulung. But remember, your benefit time shortens as you retrain, unless there's less than 30 days left when you start.

Remember, getting help with more training from the Arbeitsamt is not for sure. It's up to the advisor. They must see it makes sense for your job growth. Not all requests get a yes.

Alternative Financing Options for arbeitsamt umschulung

The German employment agency (Arbeitsamt) helps with arbeitsamt umschulung costs. But there are other ways to get money. If the agency can't help, or if you need more money, look into these options.

Scholarships and Grants

Scholarships and grants help pay for job retraining. Different groups, like schools or career groups, offer this money. Those wanting to learn new skills should check if they qualify for this aid. It can help with program costs, like classes or living expenses.

Personal Savings and Loans

If the agency or scholarships can't cover everything, you might need to use your savings or get a loan. This could be a personal loan or a student loan. Loans can help with all arbeitsamt umschulung expenses, like learning costs and living expenses.

Before taking out a loan, be sure you understand how and when you'll need to pay it back. Make sure the arbeitsamt umschulung will help you get a better job later on. This is important for your financial future.

Navigating the Application Process

Seeking financial help from the German employment agency (Arbeitsamt) for retraining is important. It needs attention to every detail. You must get various documents. These include details on the arbeitsamt umschulung program, its provider, and your current job and financial details.

Documentation and Requirements

The Arbeitsamt checks your application. They see if you qualify for funding. They look at how the program might help you get a job. To boost your chances, be ready to show necessary documents. These could be your school diplomas, your job status now, and a plan for the arbeitsamt umschulung.

If you pay close attention to what needs to be done and learn how to apply, it can help a lot. Doing this well can up your chances to get the financial help you need for a successful arbeitsamt umschulung.

Maximizing Financial Assistance During arbeitsamt umschulung

When you're retraining for a new job, using all financial help is important. You may get support from the German employment agency. But, it's vital to watch your spending to make your move success.

Tips for Managing Expenses

To save money, start by cutting out things you don't need. That means less spending on fun things like going out to eat. Instead, focus your budget on what you must pay for, like your home and getting around. Living more simply helps you have more money for your arbeitsamt umschulung.

It's also smart to look for part-time jobs or side work. This can give you extra cash as you learn new skills. Plus, it keeps you in the loop with what's happening in jobs today. Many schools helping you train can also help you find these jobs.

You should also check if your arbeitsamt umschulung program has any extra help to offer. They might cut down on your school fees or help pay for what you need to learn. Always ask about any other financial help or scholarships that could make your arbeitsamt umschulung more affordable.

By being smart with money and using what's out there, you can finish your arbeitsamt umschulung well. This sets you up for a great start in a new career. Just remember, it's about spending wisely while finding extra ways to earn. That way, your training period goes smoothly, without money worries.


Job retraining in Germany, called "Arbeitsamt Umschulung," helps people switch careers. Participants are not paid a salary, but they get help. The German employment agency offers education vouchers, jobless benefits, and money to help during change.

Knowing how to apply and if you qualify is key. This lets people get the help they need. There are also scholarships, grants, and loans. Handling money wisely helps make job retraining successful.

The data shows these programs work. Web Development courses last 6 to 12 months and pay €2,000 to €3,000. Cybersecurity courses last 12 to 18 months and pay €2,500 to €3,500. Data Analytics classes last 9 to 12 months and pay €2,200 to €3,200. With the right planning, changing careers is a good choice for growth and financial safety.

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