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Register as unemployed online - Who pays the health insurance if I am unemployed?

22nd May 2024

Learn who covers health insurance costs when you're unemployed in Germany

When you lose your job, a different system steps in to cover your health insurance. If you get unemployment benefits (Arbeitslosengeld), the Federal Employment Agency takes care of your health and nursing insurance costs. Meanwhile, the Jobcenter helps with the expenses if you're on Bürgergeld.

For those privately insured and unemployed, you can return to the state system if you're under 55 and on Arbeitslosengeld. But, if your income comes from Bürgergeld, this door is closed. If you're without benefits, you still have insurance options: either through the state system or private plans, depending on your earlier choice.

It's wise to inform AOK (Allgemeine Ortskrankenkasse) of your situation early. Doing this can prevent any gaps in your coverage.

Key Takeaways:

  • When unemployed and receiving unemployment benefits, different organizations cover health insurance costs.

  • If receiving Arbeitslosengeld, the Bundesagentur für Arbeit pays for health and nursing insurance contributions.

  • If receiving Bürgergeld, the Jobcenter covers health and nursing insurance costs.

  • Privately insured individuals can switch back to statutory health insurance if under 55 and receiving Arbeitslosengeld.

  • If not receiving benefits, coverage depends on previous insurance status.

Who Covers Health Insurance Costs When You're Unemployed?

Different organizations ensure your health insurance is covered when you're out of work. How it's done depends on your situation. This includes whether you get Arbeitslosengeld or Bürgergeld, or if you're privately insured. Let's dig into who looks after your health insurance costs in each case:

Arbeitslosengeld Recipients:

For those with Arbeitslosengeld, the Bundesagentur für Arbeit steps in. They handle your health and nursing insurance contributions. You're automatically signed up with AOK (Allgemeine Ortskrankenkasse). This is one of Germany's largest statutory health insurers. Your health insurance costs are taken care of as you receive your benefits.

Bürgergeld Recipients:

If your support comes in the form of Bürgergeld, it’s the Jobcenter's responsibility to cover your health insurance. This organization helps people by providing benefits, including ensuring they are covered by health insurance.

Privately Insured and Receiving Arbeitslosengeld (Under 55 Years Old):

If you're under 55 and have private insurance, you may switch to AOK during unemployment. This is an option while receiving Arbeitslosengeld. But remember: it's not possible if you get Bürgergeld.

Not Receiving Any Benefits:

Even without unemployment benefits, health coverage is still an option. Depending on your previous coverage, you might continue with statutory health insurance or choose private. It’s crucial to update the AOK and your ex-employer about your situation. This ensures a smooth adjustment in your coverage.

Additional Options:

Under some circumstances, the AOK allows free family insurance. This could extend health coverage to your family members during unemployment.

Please note: Specifics on coverage may vary. When in doubt, discussing your options with the AOK or your current insurance provider is a wise step. This helps in fully grasping what benefits are available to you.

Knowing who looks after your health insurance while out of work is essential. It helps ensure you maintain the necessary coverage and stability during this phase.

Arbeitslosengeld Recipients

  • Insurance Coverage: Bundesagentur für Arbeit - AOK

Bürgergeld Recipients

  • Insurance Coverage: Jobcenter

Privately Insured and Receiving Arbeitslosengeld (Under 55 Years Old)

  • Insurance Coverage: Option to switch back to AOK

Not Receiving Any Benefits

  • Insurance Coverage: Statutory or Private Health Insurance

Additional Options

  • Insurance Coverage: Free family insurance under certain conditions

Reporting Unemployment Online in Germany

Reporting unemployment online in Germany is both convenient and efficient. You simply fill out an online form to inform the AOK (Allgemeine Ortskrankenkasse). This ensures a seamless switch in health insurance coverage.

Informing the AOK promptly is key to avoid insurance gaps. Although the Employment Agency and Jobcenter notify the AOK about your benefits, doing so directly helps speed up the process.

Here are the steps you can take to report unemployment online in Germany:

  • Visit the AOK website and find the online unemployment reporting section.

  • Enter accurate and complete details about your unemployment in the online form.

  • Electronically submit the form.

After submitting the form, the AOK will verify your information and adjust your health insurance. It's vital to keep any relevant unemployment documents handy. These might be needed for verification.

Online reporting allows for smooth insurance coverage and eliminates delays. It ensures your health insurance contributions are handled properly.

Health Insurance Coverage During Unemployment

While on Arbeitslosengeld, you keep your health and nursing insurance. The health insurance is paid for by Bundesagentur für Arbeit. If needed, Jobcenter handles the nursing insurance costs.

If you have private insurance, switching to statutory insurance is possible. But this is only if you meet certain conditions and are on Arbeitslosengeld, not Bürgergeld.

Remember, health coverage while unemployed changes based on your benefits and insurer. AOK and other providers have their own rules to follow.

Additional Considerations for Health Insurance Coverage

Dealing with health insurance while unemployed requires careful thought. If you're getting Arbeitslosengeld or Bürgergeld, your insurance is paid for. But, for others, there are ways to keep covered. You could qualify for statutory or private health insurance, depending on your past status.

Without fitting into the auto-cover bracket, you might choose voluntary insurance. With this, you'll handle the insurance costs. It's a good path for staying insured through job changes.

Getting advice from the AOK is smart to find what works for you. They'll look at your situation and suggest the best insurance moves. This is key to picking the right coverage approach.

Statutory Health Insurance

  • Eligibility Criteria: Automatically eligible if you have previously been covered by statutory health insurance or meet specific requirements set by the AOK

Private Health Insurance

  • Eligibility Criteria: If under 55, and with Arbeitslosengeld, you might return to private if eligible. Bürgergeld doesn't apply here.

Voluntary Insurance

  • Eligibility Criteria: Not fitting the auto-coverage criteria? Choose voluntary to cover yourself and pay.

Exploring options and deciding wisely is paramount for your health insurance in jobless times. Knowing what you're eligible for and getting AOK's input ensures the right protection for your health.

Benefits of Online Reporting

Online reporting of unemployment has many benefits. It's an easy and effective way to update the Arbeitsamt on your job status. This process also makes sure your health insurance transition is smooth.

Completing the arbeitslos melden online form helps you join the Arbeitsamt. It guarantees that the correct health insurance organization covers your contributions. This method is simple, avoids paperwork, and minimizes errors.

One big advantage is how quickly your unemployment status is shared. This speed can help get your benefits started without delays, like health insurance. It's all about making sure you get what you're entitled to in a timely manner.

With online reporting, you can easily track your case. This ensures you're informed about any needed updates. It helps keep your health insurance coverage continuous during unemployment.

Moreover, using arbeitsamt arbeitslos melden online keeps a digital record. You won't need to keep paper documents. This makes it convenient and saves space.

Overall, choosing arbeitsamt arbeitslos melden online comes with many pluses. It makes the whole process easier, lowers error risks, and notifies authorities quickly. This way, you can better manage unemployment, avoiding coverage delays, and focus on finding your next job.


Online reporting of unemployment in Germany saves time and ensures your insurance contributions are up-to-date. It's effective in places like Berlin, offering a quick way to update your details. This method is particularly useful because it helps you avoid coverage delays.

Using the online platform, you simplify the process of keeping your health insurance current. Make sure to know your options based on your benefits and past insurance coverage. This knowledge is key to making informed decisions.

It's important to inform the AOK quickly when you're unemployed. The online report option is your friend in these situations. With it, you can be sure that your insurance contributions are managed properly. This lets you focus on other important things during this time.

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