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Remote vs. on-site/campus bootcamps: Which data science bootcamp is right for you?

20th June 2024

Are you dreaming of a career as a data scientist?

Then a data science bootcamp is just right for you! In these intensive courses, you will learn all the important skills you need to be successful in this promising field in a short space of time.

But which form of learning is right for you? Should you opt for a remote bootcamp, where you learn from home, or an on-site bootcamp with face-to-face sessions at a campus?

In this article, we look at the advantages and disadvantages of both forms of learning and help you make the right decision for you.

Remote bootcamps:


  • Flexibility: You can learn from anywhere and are not tied to one location.

  • Time saving: You save time and money travelling to campus.

  • Self-paced: You can learn at your own pace and adapt the content to your individual learning rhythm.


  • Less interaction: you have less personal contact with your lecturers and fellow students. 

  • Discipline: You need to be self-disciplined to successfully study from home.

  • Technical requirements: You need a good internet connection and stable technical equipment.

On-site bootcamps:


  • Intensive learning: You learn in an intensive environment and can concentrate fully on your training.

  • Personal contact: You have personal contact with your lecturers and fellow participants and can benefit from their experience.

  • Networking opportunities: You can make new contacts during the bootcamp and expand your network in the data science industry.

  • Structure and support: You benefit from a clear structure and support from your lecturers.


  • Less flexibility: you are tied to one location and have to stick to the fixed dates of the bootcamp.

  • Travelling: You may have to invest time and money in travelling to the campus.

Which bootcamp is right for you?

The decision in favour of a remote or on-site bootcamp depends on your individual needs and preferences.

If you are self-disciplined and like to learn for yourself and at your own pace, then a remote bootcamp is a good choice for you.

If you value personal contact and would like to learn in an intensive learning environment, then an on-site bootcamp is the right choice for you.

Whichever form of learning you choose, make sure that the bootcamp is offered by a reputable provider and has a good reputation.

Here are some other factors you should consider when making your decision:

  • Your learning styles: do you prefer visual, auditory or kinaesthetic learning?

  • Your previous knowledge: Do you have prior knowledge of maths, computer science and programming?

  • Your goals: What do you want to achieve with the bootcamp?

  • Your budget: How much money can you invest in your training?

  • Once you know these points, you can start looking for the right data science bootcamp for you.

At neue fische, you can choose between a remote (live online) data science bootcamp and an on-campus data science bootcamp in Hamburg

neue fische offers you exactly what suits you and your personal learning style, your life situation and your preferences. However, we also differentiate between remote (live online) and on-demand courses. In the remote courses, you still learn at fixed times with your fixed group of fellow students, while in our on-demand skill courses (currently Power BI and soon also AI) you can learn flexibly and from any location.

Q&A sessions and the opportunity to exchange ideas with your coaches and peers are equally available in both bootcamp formats. 


Both remote and on-site bootcamps have their advantages and disadvantages. The right choice for you depends on your individual needs, learning style and preferences. Take your time to carefully consider your options and choose the bootcamp that suits you best.

With the right training, you can launch a successful career as a data scientist. So let's go! 

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