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Well-paid jobs: How do you earn €10,000 a month?

20th June 2024

Find out how to increase your chances of earning a top salary

Well-paid jobs: How do you earn €10,000 a month?

Do you dream of a job that is not only fun, but also pays you a monthly salary of €10,000 or more? While this may seem unattainable for many people, there are actually several career paths that can help you achieve this goal.

The key to success lies in the combination of high demand, specialised skills and personal development. In this article, you will find out which jobs pay particularly well and how you can increase your chances of earning a top salary with or without a degree.

Well-paid jobs for career changers

You don't have a university degree but are still looking for a well-paid job? There are also numerous opportunities for career changers to earn a high salary.

Here are a few examples:

  • IT jobs: digitalisation has driven up the demand for qualified IT specialists. Jobs as a software developer, web developer, system analyst or network administrator are therefore particularly well paid and also offer attractive entry opportunities for career changers with the right skills.

  • Sales and distribution: If you are communicative and determined, you can earn a high salary in sales and distribution. As a sales employee, account manager or sales manager, you will convince customers of products or services and receive commissions and bonuses in return, which can significantly increase your salary.

  • Management positions: Many companies are looking for experienced and competent managers. With professional experience, leadership qualities and further qualifications, you can earn a top salary in positions as a team leader, department head or managing director.

  • Medical professions: There are numerous well-paid jobs in medicine that are also accessible to career changers. For example, you can earn a high salary as a surgical assistant, MFA, physiotherapist or speech therapist with the appropriate training.

Extremely well-paid jobs

In addition to the jobs mentioned above, there are several other professions that offer extremely high salaries.

These include:

  • Pilots: Pilots earn one of the highest salaries in Germany due to the high level of responsibility and long training period.

  • Anaesthetists: Anaesthetists are specialists in anaesthesiology and intensive care medicine and earn a very high salary due to their expertise and responsibility.

  • Lawyers: Lawyers specialising in complex areas of law such as commercial law or tax law can command high fees.

  • Financial advisors: Successful financial advisors who look after wealthy clients can earn an extremely high income.

How to achieve a salary of €10,000 per month

To earn a salary of €10,000 a month, you usually need special skills and qualifications. Depending on the job, this can be a university degree, vocational training with further training or years of professional experience.

The following factors also play a role:

  • Industry: in some industries, such as IT or finance, salaries are generally higher than in others.

  • Company: Large companies and listed corporations generally pay their employees more than small and medium-sized companies.

  • Experience: Salaries generally rise with increasing professional experience.

  • Location: Salaries are often higher in large cities and metropolitan areas than in rural regions.

  • Negotiating skills: If you negotiate your salary confidently, you can improve your chances of earning a high salary.


A salary of €10,000 per month may not be achievable for everyone, but with the right conditions and the necessary effort, it is certainly possible. Find out about the requirements and career paths in the jobs mentioned above and invest in further training to increase your chances of earning a top salary. A lateral move into IT, for example, is a great way to boost your career opportunities and one of our bootcamps can pave the way for you.

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