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What do you earn as a Data Analyst?

9th April 2024

Everything you need to know about salary as a Data Analyst.

What factors influence the salary of a Data Analyst?

As a data analyst, there are various career opportunities and possibilities for professional advancement. Here are some typical career paths and the corresponding average salaries for Data Analysts in Germany.

Salary of Data Analysts

Entry level (0-2 years experience):

Role: Data Analyst
Average salary: around EUR 45.000 to EUR 55.000 per year

Intermediate level (2-5 years of experience):

Role: Senior Data Analyst, Data Scientist (with appropriate further training)
Average salary: around EUR 55.000 to EUR 70.000 per year

Experienced (5-10 years of experience):

Role: Lead Data Analyst, Data Science Manager
Average salary: around EUR 70.000 to EUR 90.000 per year

Senior level (over 10 years of experience):

Role: Head of Data, Director of Analytics
Average salary: EUR 90.000 and higher per year

Career opportunities and salaries can vary depending on the industry, company, location and personal qualifications. 

But here we show you some potential career paths:

Specialization: you can specialize in certain areas of analytics, such as marketing analytics, financial analytics, or operations analytics.

Further training: You can pave your way to more advanced positions through further training in data science or business intelligence.

Management level: With increasing experience, you can advance to management positions where you lead teams and influence the strategic direction of data analysis for the company.

Entrepreneurship: Some data analysts choose to start their own data analytics or consulting companies.

It is important to note that these are general estimates and that the individual career path will be influenced by various factors. 

Continuing education, certifications and the ability to apply data-driven insights to business can also play a role in career progression.

Would you like to start your career in the data sector? We look forward to seeing you in the Data Analytics Bootcamp!

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