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What do you earn as a IT Supporter?

7th April 2024

Here you get everything you need to know with regards to salary.

What factors influence the salary of a IT supporter?

IT support staff are still in demand on the German labour market. This is because companies of all sizes and industries rely on well-functioning IT systems and therefore there is a continuous demand for support services.

Here you can read general estimates for the annual salary of IT support staff in Germany.

Salary of IT Supporters

Entry level (0-2 years experience):
Entry-level IT support professionals can expect an annual salary of around EUR 30.000 to EUR 40.000.

Intermediate level (2-5 years of experience):
As experience increases, so does the salary. At this stage, the annual salary for an intermediate IT support employee could be around EUR 35.000 to EUR 45.000.

Experienced (5-10 years of experience):
For experienced IT support employees with several years of professional experience, the salary can be in the range of EUR 40.000 to EUR 50.000 or higher.

Salaries can of course vary depending on various factors such as experience, qualifications, location, company size and industry, but the ability of IT support staff to diagnose problems, provide effective solutions and train users is crucial for the smooth operation of IT systems in companies, which is why they remain in demand on the labour market.

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