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Data science vs. Data analysis

29th May 2024

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Our digital world needs more skilled data analysts. The job of a data analyst has become very important since 2000. Data analysts are needed to turn big data into smart insights for businesses. Their work is key in areas like market and production analysis.

The Role of a Data Analyst

In today's world, being a data analyst is very important. They help companies deal with lots of data, known as "big data analytics." By making sense of this data, they give valuable advice. This makes their job crucial.

What Does a Data Analyst Do?

Data analysts use different programs to understand data. Through teamwork, they clean data and look for trends. Their work helps businesses make smarter choices. They are key in making companies more efficient.

How Data Analytics Drives Digital Transformation

Data analysis drives companies to use data better. By studying data in depth, analysts find ways to improve. This helps in making products better and customer service more personalized. It's a big part of what makes businesses succeed today.

Growing Importance of Data Analysts in Modern Companies

Data analysis jobs are growing fast. Many companies now want to use data more effectively. As a result, data analysts are needed more than ever. Their expertise is highly valued in today's market.

Career Paths to Become a Data Analyst

The field of data analysis has grown a lot since the 21st century began. It is now a key industry. As data use increases in our daily lives, more chances to specialize in this area have opened up. People looking to work as data analysts have many ways to learn and improve their skills. This can be done through university degrees or online courses.

World Economic Forum's 2023 report shows data analysts and scientists are top in demand and have good salaries. Data analysts handle organized data with tools like SQL and R. Data scientists use complex data to make models and automate processes.

Most data analysts have a bachelor's in math, stats, computer science, or finance. Data scientists often have higher degrees in data science. You can start working as a data analyst in six months with a data analytics certificate from tech leaders. Knowing Python, R, or SQL well helps data analysts handle data better.

Training as the Foundation for a Data Analyst Career

A career as a data analyst kicks off with solid education. This education is based on the core knowledge and skills needed in the tech world. It guarantees a strong start for career dreamers.

Specialization in Process and Data Analysis

The data analytics course at neue fische dives deep into data analysis and its uses. It covers advanced data analytics, tools, and artificial intelligence data analytics. These learnings are key for bringing digital change to their work.

Data science vs. Data analysis

The role of a data scientist has grown quickly since the early 2000s. Now, it's a key job that's in high demand. More data in daily life means more chances for a successful career here. To become a data analyst, there are many ways to learn. The need for skilled data analysts is getting bigger in our digital world. They are critical for understanding markets and making products better.

Data scientists have high-level skills in things like machine learning and Python. They create models and algorithms to solve tough problems. Data analysts, on the other hand, use tools to understand and explain data. Learning languages like R and Python can help them earn more.

Data science offers a bright future. Professionals can move up to bigger roles like data architect. Data analysts also have an important job. They help companies use data to improve across many industries. This includes roles like database analyst and financial analyst.

Foundations and Management of Data Science

Data is like gold for the 21st century. Without it, digital changes can't happen. German firms are straggling behind without big data skills. This is where data scientists come in. They know tech but, more importantly, can lead. They manage projects that grow their companies using data analysis.

Content of the Training

This course packs in a lot. It's all about data science. This includes AI, data analytics, and making data work for you. With this training, people can lead their groups in using data for smart choices and innovation.

Data Protection & Added Value

But it's not just about the tech. Data safety and privacy matter a lot, too. This training will teach how to handle sensitive data safely. It shows how to use data science in ways that really benefit the business. With these skills, workers can drive their company's leap into the digital age.

Target Audience

This certificate program is for people of any industry. It's mainly for those who make choices in their companies. It's also great for company developers, IT pros, business controllers, and project managers. Even team leaders who don't work in IT can benefit, and you don't need to know how to program.

Participant Profiles

If you love data science and want to grow in that area, this is for you. The program will give you a solid base in data science concepts. It focuses on tools and techniques to help you make smart decisions with data.

Maybe you work in roles like business analyst or marketing manager. You need to get better at data analysis for smarter decisions. This program will teach you how to pull out, look at, and understand data better. It's all about driving your business ahead with new ideas.

Or perhaps you’re in IT but looking to move to a data science role. This course has everything you need. It covers basic data science skills, like cleaning and modeling data. You will learn about machine learning and how to visualize data. All to get ready for great data science jobs both in Germany and elsewhere.

If you're already pretty advanced in data science, there's something for you too. An intense seminar can make you an expert. It's to help you keep up in this fast-growing field.


Now, in our data-focused world, data science and data analysis are very important. They help companies transform digitally and stand out against competitors. Though they do different things, they are both key in finding important information in a sea of data.

Data analysts look for patterns and insights using math and visual tools. Data scientists use more complicated methods like machine learning and deep learning. Their work helps handle big, messy data and make predictions. Together, they help businesses use data well for growth and innovation.

The need for experts in data science jobs and data analytics jobs is growing fast. Taking data science classes or getting data analytics certification can open new job doors. You can learn through university courses or quick data science bootcamp options. Choosing to keep learning can lead to exciting and stable jobs in the ever-changing data field.

If you would like to further your education in the field of Data Science or Data Analytics, we have the right offer for you.

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