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TECH TRENDS and skills 2024 – Let's goooooo!

28th December 2023

Generative AI will play a major role. Here you go….

The new year started. The holiday hustle and bustle is behind us. Time to look to the future with excitement. After all, where else is there as much innovation as in the tech sector? New and enhanced technologies are creating new skills and opportunities. 

We have taken a closer look at four of the most important technology trends of the year and one thing immediately stands out: Generative AI will play a major role.
Here you go….

01. GenAI is growing on a global scale
Pioneers such as ChatGPT from OpenAI and Bard from Google are leading the tech trend and will find further successors in the future thanks to open source models. Employees around the world are beginning to experiment with these tools and realise their potential. While the number of companies using GenAI-enabled applications was still less than 5% at the beginning of this year, this is expected to increase significantly to more than 80% by 2026.

02. More AI requires a high level of trust and security management

Trust first. A motto that is also reflected in the tech industry. After all, it is well known that AI models can also produce falsehoods. This makes it all the more important that potentially negative effects do not overshadow the positive ones. How can this be achieved? AI-specific safety and risk roles are essential so that incorrect and unauthorised information can be eliminated as far as possible and skills are trained.

03. Potential for software development

AI-supported software development is the future and will have a positive impact on the productivity of the profession. This is because AI tools that can write code will free up software engineers for strategic activities such as designing applications. Less time spent writing code means more time for further skill development and problem solving.

04. Investment in sustainable technologies is booming

The use of new technologies such as AI, cloud computing and the Internet of Things is also fuelling concerns about the associated impact on the environment. Accordingly, investment in GreenTech, Cleanteach and ClimateTech - sustainable technologies that support the long-term ecological balance and human rights - is booming. According to Gartner, by 2027, 25% of all CIO salaries will be linked to their impact on sustainable technologies.

Friends, now you know - let's kick of the rocketship together in 2024!

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