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Testimonial: How David benefited from the Java & AWS Bootcamp

16th January 2023

Our alumni David shares his experiences from the AWS Cloud Development course and Java Bootcamp.

How David benefited from the Java & AWS Cloud Development Bootcamp

We talked to our alumni David, who not only did the AWS Cloud Development course, but also the Java bootcamp at neue fische. David tells you in his testimonial why he chose neue fische in particular, what his journeyman pieces were about, and what his career looks like now.

About David

Before the bootcamps, David did an apprenticeship as an IT systems electronics technician. There he was able to gain experience in electrical engineering, network technology and a little bit in programming. The IT industry has always appealed to him, because besides the good earning opportunities, he also liked the modern working models and the possibility to always be on the cutting edge of technologies and software.

Why did you decide to join neue fische?

After I decided I wanted to learn more about programming, a few questions naturally came up, such as "Where can I learn to program?" and "How long does it actually take?" Then the big googling started and at some point I came across neue fische and via the website then also to the appropriate info to my questions. The testimonials from other alumni were very positive as well.

What I particularly liked about neue fische was the concept of the bootcamps and the participation in remote. This way, I could participate from anywhere and manage a heavy learning load without spending a lot of time.

What did you particularly like about our bootcamps?

I can definitely recommend the bootcamps of neue fische. I did two bootcamps (Java and AWS Cloud) and both offered completely different challenges for me. What I also really liked was the collaboration with the coaches, because they supported and motivated us at all times.

What was your final project in the Java Bootcamp?

My final project in the Java Bootcamp was the "Software Developer Task Tool". This was used to keep track of my own programming projects. Among other things, I used the GitHub API to load GitHub projects into the overview and to create projects manually. Currently, I'm still tinkering with this project to enable an export as PDF and Excel file. I was able to implement the whole thing using the techniques I learned in the bootcamp, with the help of the coaches and my own research.

And what was your final project at the AWS Cloud Development Bootcamp?

My final project at the AWS Bootcamp was a "stock management tool" - a virtual infrastructure project to enable communication between stock and craftsmen. So, for example, if a craftsman has an order for tomorrow, he can check directly whether the materials intended for it are available in the warehouse. Practical, isn't it?

On the subject of getting a job: How do things look for you at the moment?

I am currently invited to interviews at several companies, even though I only completed the bootcamp just under a month ago. Some of the other alumni have already found a job. And there, too, the bootcamp was perceived very positively. What stood out particularly positively was the handling of different technologies that you learned in a short period of time and that you can also be used flexibly as an employee as a result.

Do you have any tips for aspiring neue fische that you can give them in this testimonial?

My tip for aspiring neue fische: don't worry that it might be too much input, but focus on approaching the bootcamps with a lot of passion and motivation!

Did you like anything in particular?

Honestly, just the overall package. You are supported in your learning by the coaches, you are supported in your applications or resume and general career questions and in addition you get to know great new people with a similar passion.
I want to end this testimonial by saying that I can only say that the bootcamps were a great time for me and I can recommend it to everyone. I never thought before that the bootcamps would have such an impact on my life. The bootcamps from neue fische have awakened a dormant talent in me that I enjoy not only professionally but also in my free time. 👏🏻

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