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Meet Arno - From Consultant to AWS Cloud Developer, a testimonial

12th July 2023

Through the AWS Bootcamp, our graduate Arno was able to turn his passion into a profession

"I enjoyed every moment of the bootcamp".

For a coffee with... Arno! We chatted with him about his time at the AWS Bootcamp and wanted to know more about his experience. Before starting the bootcamp, Arno worked as a consultant in the financial industry. And although he had already gained some IT experience there (Linux, programming), he wanted to expand his skills and knowledge to reorient himself professionally. In this testimonial, he talks about his time at bootcamp, why the fun shouldn't be neglected in the process, and what his career start as an AWS Cloud Developer looked like.

Why did you come to neue fische?

I had once read an article about bootcamps in Spiegel magazine and found out about neue fische. Due to my urgent desire to change professionally and take the step into IT, I called neue fische. My good first impression was confirmed directly during the first phone call.

What was your biggest challenge?

Through my previous job, I had already experienced what it was like to reach your limits. Therefore, my tolerance level in the bootcamp was very high in this respect. On top of that, we were a super team, supported each other and were all motivated to the hilt!

What did you like best about the bootcamp?

We as a team and our coach were just great! Our coach showed great commitment and prepared us excellently for what we will have to face in our professional lives! I would definitely recommend the bootcamp from neue fische if you are motivated and willing to learn new topics.

How did you get started in the job?

Although I had already received an acceptance one day after the final event and had four interviews scheduled, I deliberately took a month to look around. In the end, three of us from the AWS Bootcamp decided on the same employer.

The way of working that we were taught in the bootcamp was exactly what is now my daily bread: reading docs, researching StackOverflow, small steps, testing, ... The bootcamp is the first step, but especially in IT it is important to constantly develop on the job as well. But if you enjoyed the bootcamp, you will also enjoy your job.

Which digital journeyman piece did you choose?

If you're looking for a sunny destination, you've come to the right place! I have created an infrastructure that creates travel suggestions "to the sun" based on weather forecasts, which can be accessed via a homepage.

What tips do you want to give to aspiring neue fische in this testimonial?

The most important thing is not to rush, but to follow the bootcamp step by step. So don't already think about the end, but always learn what's at hand. If things get difficult, just keep going and ask questions - whether to the coach or to your own team. And don't forget: have fun!

What impact did the bootcamp have on your life?

A very big one! I also knew that it was up to me what I made of it. I enjoyed every moment of the bootcamp and look back very fondly. I'm still in touch with some of the participants now and we regularly exchange ideas on how things are going and what's next. Thanks to neue fische!

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