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First of all, no two days are the same with us, but the aim is the same: to absorb new knowledge efficiently and apply it directly in as practical a manner as possible. Special workshops and the simulation of different working conditions provide even more variety.

Daily Review

Collaborative review of previous day’s material

Feedback and Questions

Opportunity to ask any open questions

New Adventures

New concepts are presented and real world applications are discussed. Topics are taught in a holistic way, mixing theory, hands-on exercises and guest lectures from industry practitioners.


Chill out and relax

Exercises & Projects

Get the hands dirty with short exercises and weekly projects. Focus is on group work with delegation to individual contributors

Daily Stand up

We practice agile work methods and keep the feedback circles small so you will never be left floating or lost.


Personal one to one discussions between the coaches and each student to ensure the course is tailored to each participant.

Homework & Group Work

Finalisation of any work and preparation of the documentation of the day’s learnings.

About the content of the Data Analytics course

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Further education as Data Analyst in Hamburg

Further education as Data Analyst in Hamburg

People like to say that Data is the crude oil of the future, and perhaps this is because in the past crude oil was abundant, needed lots of refinement before it was useful and every once in while created a huge disaster. Data Analysts are in demand so as to maximise the value generated from data while avoiding the disasters. By training as a Data Analyst in Hamburg, access to attractive job and salary opportunities opens up, because data is gushing out of every business sector and it is waiting to be refined into value. But what do the job opportunities look like in detail and what opportunities can participation in our IT bootcamp in Hamburg offer here?

What are the job opportunities after further education in the field of Data Analytics?

Data analysts are in demand at startups, agencies, large corporates and even NGOs, virtually every industry is experiencing a wave of digitization, meaning all experience and interests can be catered for. There is a need for analysts in the classic areas of marketing, product and logistics and it is expanding into further areas like human resources and design. Companies seek candidates who can reformulate business problems into solvable analytical challenges, connecting to data and building mathematical models to deliver insights that allow companies to be more data-driven. This means that data is the gold of the future, and candidates who have training as a Data Analyst in Hamburg can significantly improve their career opportunities in the job market.

What opportunities do our IT bootcamps for Data Analysts in Hamburg in particular offer, and how do they work?

Due to the expanding reach of data analytics into new industries it is possible for people from varied backgrounds, such as industrial, academic, technical or professional sectors to take their existing experience and complement this with hands-on training in a bootcamp environment. The data analytics bootcamp is an intensive course where participants are trained by our experienced and professional instructors from the field, so that graduation as a skilled practitioner is possible after 3 months. Preparing for the job market is embedded in the course content and processes are optimised to help participants transition directly into the job market and  get a head start on their future career path.

What content and qualifications are taught at our bootcamps when training to become a Data Analyst?

The goal of the intensive courses is to teach the technical and social skills of the Data Analyst in a practical and hands on way. The focus of a Data Analyst training course in Hamburg is on the hard and soft skills demanded by hiring companies. The technical skills of python and SQL programming languages, and common analyst tools such as spreadsheets and business intelligence software are taught intensively. Communication, personal productivity and teamwork are interwoven into all of the modules, allowing personal growth along all important skills. Graduates' skills are put into practice in a final project that becomes a showcase for all that they have learned and the skills they have to offer. After just 12 weeks, participants are then confident enough to work independently and successfully perform the typical tasks of a Data Analyst.

For whom are our Data Analytics courses in Hamburg interesting?

The further training or retraining courses offered as part of an IT boot camp are suitable for diverse target groups from Hamburg and the surrounding area. No matter if you are looking to transition from non-professional work, a woman after a family break, a career changer with new career aspirations or a regular soldier after the end of your service - basically you only need one thing to be a trained Data Analyst after only 12 weeks: A motivation to make the change. Intense training in the field of Data Analytics is also available for those interested in Schleswig-Holstein and Lower Saxony. Numerous companies in Lübeck, Ahrensburg, Neumünster, Elmshorn, Lüneburg, Buxtehude, Stade and Buchholz in der Nordheide are also  looking for well-trained employees who specialize in improving business processes. Graduates of an IT boot camp are well placed to take advantage of this fact.

Have we sparked your interest? Then get in touch with us today and find out more about our Data Analytics training in Hamburg. We look forward to your inquiry! Learn everything you need to work as an analyst in cutting-edge digital companies.

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