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neue fische boot camps fundable with the education voucher of the agency for work

Bildungsgutschein (Education voucher)

Bildungsgutschein (Education voucher): free further training

Get your further training financed by the employment agency! You are unemployed for example and would like to complete an IT further training at the neue fische coding bootcamp? Then you have the option of applying for a Bildungsgutschein through job centre, the employment office or the employment agency. With this state subsidy, you can have the costs for participating in our programme covered in full. Sounds good? It is!

You can complete these bootcamps with us: Web Development and Java Development, AWS Cloud Computing, UX/UI, IT Project Management, Data Science or Analytics.

Here you can find all courses from neue fische. Let's code!

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Bildungsgutschein and neue fische

Understanding Bildungsgutschein

Bildungsgutschein is a voucher system designed to fund vocational training for those looking to enhance their skills in alignment with current labor market demands. Its primary aim is to improve employability, enabling participants to secure employment or advance in their current roles. This initiative not only supports individuals but also addresses skill shortages within the economy.

Eligibility and Application

To be considered for a Bildungsgutschein, applicants must typically be unemployed or facing the risk of unemployment. However, even employed individuals seeking upskilling may qualify under certain conditions. The application process involves a consultation with an Agentur für Arbeit advisor to discuss career goals and suitable training programs.

Types of Programs Covered

The voucher covers a wide range of training programs, from language courses and IT certifications to advanced vocational training. The key is that the chosen program must significantly enhance the applicant's employment prospects. You can view the list of eligible programs on Kursnet.

The Application Journey

The journey to securing a Bildungsgutschein involves several steps, including an initial assessment by the Agentur für Arbeit, selection of an appropriate training provider, and submission of the application. It's a process that requires careful consideration and planning.

Success Stories

Numerous individuals have leveraged Bildungsgutschein to pivot their careers or climb the professional ladder. These success stories serve as powerful testimonials to the program's impact, illustrating its role in personal and economic growth.

Navigating Challenges

While Bildungsgutschein offers a promising avenue for free education, applicants may encounter hurdles such as navigating bureaucratic procedures or selecting the right training program. However, with persistence and the right guidance, these challenges can be overcome.

The Future of Bildungsgutschein

As the job market evolves, so too does the scope of Bildungsgutschein. It continues to adapt, ensuring that it remains relevant and effective in meeting the needs of both individuals and the economy at large.

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Who can apply for the Bildungsgutschein?

Bildungsgutschein requirements

There are various requirements that qualify you to receive a Bildungsgutschein. These include, for example:

ending your unemployment
averting the threat of unemployment
catching up on a missing vocational qualification

If one of these conditions is met, you can receive a Bildungsgutschein from your employment agency, job centre or labour office. This voucher assures you that the costs for further education will be covered and, if applicable, your unemployment benefit will continue to be paid.

Bildungsgutschein despite job? Yes!

Even if you have a job, you can still benefit from a Bildungsgutschein, e.g. to avert the threat of unemployment. If you need more information about this or about the Bildungsgutschein, you can contact us or go to your local employment agency, job centre or labour office. There you can also make an appointment for a personal counselling interview to discuss your individual options. You've already taken care of everything? Then apply! Already know you're not eligible for an Bildungsgutschein? Check out all the other funding options here.
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the checklist

What does the Bildungsgutschein say?

- Objective of the training

- Validity period of the education voucher

- Bildungsgutschein number

- Duration of the action

- Class location

- Assumption of costs

3 steps to your IT training

These steps are required to take the course

Whether you have dropped out of university, are on short-time work, are threatened with unemployment or have lost your job, your time will be well spent if you become more digital. Please note that the process of getting an education voucher from the employment agency can take a relatively long time. We therefore advise you to follow the procedure below.

Register as a jobseeker early

In order to receive your education voucher for your retraining from the Employment Agency, the Job Centre or the Labour Office, you should register as a jobseeker at an early stage. It is therefore very important that you first make an appointment with the relevant office. It's best to do it now!


Get your educational offer from us

The next step on the way to your IT training voucher is quick and easy: Contact us! We will create an official training offer for you that you can then submit to the employment agency, the job centre or the employment office.


Apply for the training voucher

Now it's down to the nitty-gritty: With the training offer we have created, you now go back to your responsible office and apply for your training voucher. As soon as it is approved, you can start your new career with us. We look forward to seeing you!

FAQs to the topic of Bildungsgutschein

Yes you can. Find more information in this video.

Bildungsgutschein is a voucher program by the German Federal Employment Agency that funds vocational training for eligible individuals, aiming to improve their employability.

Typically, unemployed or soon-to-be-unemployed individuals are eligible, though employed persons seeking upskilling may also qualify under specific conditions.

The program covers a broad range of training, from language and IT courses to advanced vocational training, provided it enhances employment prospects.

The application process involves a consultation with an Agentur für Arbeit advisor, selecting a suitable training program, and submitting an application.

Yes, as long as the online course meets the program's criteria and is deemed beneficial for improving employability.

The amount covered depends on the training program and individual circumstances. It is determined by the Agentur für Arbeit.

Approval times can vary based on individual cases and the complexity of the application but is typically 1-3 weeks

The training provider must be certified and meet the quality standards set by the Agentur für Arbeit.

Failure to complete the training without a valid reason may affect eligibility for future support.

Yes it can be, subject to specific circumstances and should be discussed with an Agentur für Arbeit advisor.

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