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It doesn’t matter whether you’re a graduate, dropout or career changer – with us you can start a digital job after just 12 weeks of training. Do it like over 2,500 other graduates and start your career with a future now – let's code!

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We'll get you ready for apps on smartphones and tablets, as well as modern machine learning applications, and show you best practices that are required in top tech companies.


neue fische web development bootcamp cgi
May 27, 2024

Web Development Bootcamp

Welcome to the Web Development Bootcamp! Learn JavaScript and develop the front ends of the future. Take away UX skills and agile methodologies as you learn to code flawlessly for all relevant devices and browsers.

Less than 8 seats free

We'll get you ready for apps on smartphones and tablets, as well as modern machine learning applications, and show you best practices that are required in top tech companies.
neue fische data science bootcamp cgi
Apr 22, 2024

Data Science & AI Bootcamp

Welcome to our Data Science & AI Bootcamp. Delve into the world of Python, Machine Learning and AI, and learn to solve real-world problems using cutting-edge tools and technologies.

Less than 8 seats free

neue fische data analytics bootcamp cgi
May 27, 2024

Data Analytics Bootcamp

Expand your analytical skillset and solve complex business problems to make important decisions. Learn Data Analytics in the Data Analytics Bootcamp!

Less than 8 seats free

neue fische java bootcamp cgi
Mar 6, 2024

Java Development Bootcamp

Invent your own app: Get deep into back-end processes with Java and JavaScript and learn all about databases, authentication, security & Co in the Java Development Bootcamp..

Less than 8 seats free

data practitioner neue fische bootcamp
Sep 2, 2024

Data Part-Time Bootcamp

Welcome to the Data Part-Time Bootcamp! Become a data gold miner and learn data processing and modelling skills, as well as techniques to best present your findings.

Less than 8 seats free

AWS Cloud Development bootcamp CGI
Jul 22, 2024

AWS Cloud Computing Bootcamp

The world needs stable systems, learn how to build them! Das AWS Cloud Computing Bootcamp teaches you how to code AWS Cloud infrastructures in a scalable and fault-tolerant way.

Less than 8 seats free

Jul 29, 2024

IT Project Management Bootcamp

Welcome to the IT Project Management Bootcamp! Learn Agile Project Management key methods, tools and frameworks and gain practical knowledge for successfully managing IT projects.

Less than 8 seats free

May 21, 2024

UX/UI Design Bootcamp

Learn and deepen skills, tools and gain practical knowledge to create valuable products for people. We look forward seeing you in the UX/ UI Design Bootcamp!

Less than 8 seats free

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Our spots in the bootcamps are coveted and limited. We therefore deliberately select our talents. Experience is not a decisive criterion for us - it's about the fact that we fit together.
2. Study together
Whether remotely or on-site. Our team and the motivated coaches ensure that studying with us is goal-oriented and fun. Because learning together is faster and better!
3. Job entry
Our bootcamps mean one thing above all: the prospect of a job. 92%* of our participants start in a new job directly after the course - in the free market or in the large network of our partner companies.
neue fische it bootcamp remote coaching

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*The 92% entry rate is determined by a specially conducted survey, which is aimed at all neue fische alumni. The number represents an average value that is to be considered as the entry rate in relation to all neue fische bootcamps in 2022.
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