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Unemployment benefits

How do I apply for unemployment benefit?

If you register as unemployed in Germany, you not only open the door to financial support, but also the opportunity to reshape your professional future.

The start of unemployment can initially seem like a setback, but it is also the opportunity for a new future. In this situation, it is not only the support provided by unemployment benefit that helps, but also the knowledge that you can reposition yourself in order to achieve your professional goals.

How exactly do you register as unemployed in order to receive financial support?

In Germany, registering for unemployment is usually done in person at the local employment agency or job centre. Here are the steps in detail:

  1. Register as unemployed in person: After you have lost your job or know that you will soon be unemployed, you should immediately register in person at your local employment agency or job centre. There is usually a set deadline that you should adhere to in order not to suffer any financial losses.

  2. Making an appointment: In many cases, it is necessary to make an appointment in advance before you register as unemployed. This can be done by telephone or online, depending on the requirements of the respective employment agency or job centre.

  3. Bring the required documents: When registering for unemployment in person, you must bring various documents with you, including your identity card or passport, your national insurance number, your bank details and any relevant documents relating to your previous employment, such as your employment contracts and certificates of termination.

  4. Applying for unemployment benefit: After registering as unemployed, you will receive an application for unemployment benefit, which you must complete. This application contains information about your personal details, your previous employment and your financial situation. Once you have submitted the application, the employment agency or job centre will check your eligibility and the amount of unemployment benefit you can receive.

  5. Further steps: After submitting your application, you will usually be invited to a counselling interview to discuss your professional situation and possible support measures. This also includes information about further training and qualification measures as well as possible placement offers for vacancies.

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It's important to go through the entire unemployment application process carefully and follow all the necessary steps to be eligible for financial support. Unemployment can be the perfect starting point to break new ground, especially for those looking to make a lateral move into the tech industry. By registering as a jobseeker, you lay the foundation for potential funding through a "Bildungsgutschein" (education voucher). This gives you the opportunity to get started in one of our boot camps. What are you waiting for?

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Unemployment benefit

FAQs about Unemployment benefit

Do you have questions about: How do I apply for unemployment benefit? We have the answers for you! If you are missing a topic or have an unanswered question, please contact us.

The following documents are usually required to apply for unemployment benefit:

  • Identity card or passport

  • National insurance number

  • Certificate of dismissal or employment contract

  • Proof of previous employment and income for the last few months

  • Bank details for the transfer of unemployment benefit

The application for unemployment benefit can be made in person at the local employment agency or job centre. Some documents can also be submitted online, depending on the possibilities of the respective employment agency.

The processing time for the application for unemployment benefit can vary depending on the employment agency and individual situation. However, it usually takes around two to three weeks for a decision to be made on the application. It can take longer if additional documents are requested or the examination is more complex.

Yes, under certain circumstances it is possible to apply for unemployment benefit retroactively. This is possible, for example, if you are already unemployed but have delayed registering with the employment agency. However, retroactive payment is only made up to the date of unemployment registration.

The amount of unemployment benefit depends on the previous income and the contribution periods completed. As a rule, unemployment benefit is 60 to 67 per cent of the last net salary. However, there are maximum limits for the calculation. More detailed information on the calculation can be obtained from the employment agency.

Unemployment benefit recipients can take part in further training programmes under certain conditions. These can help to improve their chances on the labour market. These measures are often financed by education vouchers or other support programmes.

The application for unemployment benefit can be rejected if the requirements are not met. Reasons for a rejection could be: failure to fulfil the obligation to cooperate, lack of unemployment as defined by unemployment insurance, a period of ineligibility due to failure to register or a self-termination without good cause. In such cases, an objection can be lodged.

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