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Advantages and disadvantages of Power BI

2nd May 2024

Do you know the advantages and disadvantages of Power BI?

Everyone is talking about (Super)Power BI

Why is everyone in the data universe only talking about Power BI? Pay attention: This is where a wide range of visualization options meets an almost effortless integration of data from various sources such as Excel, SQL databases, Salesforce – you name it. Besides creating engaging and meaningful presentations, you can also use simple data transformation and modeling tools to analyze data quickly and efficiently in real time. Construct interactive dashboards and reports to explore your data, identify patterns, and draw relevant insights. The flexibility of the cloud and desktop versions ensures relaxed access from anywhere and simplifies cross-team collaboration enormously. So it's no wonder that Microsoft is one of the top players on the business intelligence market with Power BI. And the demand for suitable business intelligence platforms is continuously growing. This is the perfect time for a (lateral) entry into this field, as data analytics and business intelligence open up numerous career opportunities. 

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Reach your goal with lots of motivation

Learning something new requires motivation and perseverance. We know that this is not always easy and can take a lot of effort. Are you new to data analysis and not sure whether Power BI is the right choice for you? No problem! Even if it can take some time to become accustomed to the many functions and possibilities of Power BI, the learning curve that this area has to offer for you is enormous. 

Two little things you should know: 

  1. Power BI is a solution developed specifically by Microsoft. As a user, you are therefore dependent on the Microsoft ecosystem.

  2. The free version of Power BI will get you off to a good start. There are advanced features that require paid subscriptions. However, if you are planning to gain your first experience as a Power BI analyst in a corporate environment (and not as an individual), you do not need to worry about this aspect for the time being. 

Otherwise, the same applies as for all analysis tools that work with sensitive data: Security first! Particularly when storing data in the cloud, it is important that appropriate security measures are implemented to prevent unauthorized access. As you can read in the article "Everything you need to know about Power BI", the platform has various security functions that make this possible.

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