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Best practices & alternatives - Power BI

6th May 2024

Why you should choose Power BI

"We now have fewer employees looking after the hardware. This is definitely an advantage because we also need less hardware..."

Business intelligence consultant, insurance industry

"Our first training sessions were so well received that we ended up organizing a complete, customized event for our managers at the retail locations. That triggered something of a snowball effect."

Chief strategist, retail

"Our employees weren't able to create proper reports [with the old BI solution]. In some cases, executives even came to the board meeting with reports that all contained different numbers."

Director of Corporate Infrastructure, Food and Beverage

Three statements that have one thing in common: Power BI saves resources and costs and meets the individual needs of employees from a wide range of areas.

The "Total Economic Impact™ of Microsoft Power BI Pro in Microsoft 365 E5" report examines the economic impact of introducing Power BI Pro in a Microsoft 365 E5 environment. You can read a summary of the most important results here:

  1. Improved productivity: By integrating Power BI Pro into Microsoft 365 E5, employees can perform data analyses directly in the familiar Microsoft Office applications.

  2. Cost savings: Implementing Power BI Pro in Microsoft 365 E5 enables companies to make significant cost savings by eliminating redundant tools and simplifying license management.

  3. Improved decision making: Using Power BI Pro enables faster and more informed decision making through access to real-time data and meaningful visualizations.

  4. Increased business value: Companies that implement Power BI Pro in Microsoft 365 E5 experience an increase in business value through improved data analysis, better collaboration and faster responses to market changes.

In addition to all these positive effects, the fact that Power BI training is used in a wide range of industries and business areas to achieve business goals through efficient data analysis and business intelligence also speaks for itself.

A few examples at a glance:

  1. Deutsche Bahn AG: Deutsche Bahn uses Power BI to analyze data from various areas such as timetables, passenger numbers, maintenance work, and finances. The real-time insights into the performance of the rail network help to optimize operational processes and improve customer satisfaction.

  2. Bosch GmbH: Bosch uses Power BI to cover data analysis in various areas. From manufacturing to sales, Bosch uses Power BI to track significant trends, increase operational efficiency, and make informed decisions.

  3. Lufthansa Group: The Lufthansa Group uses Power BI to analyze data from various areas such as flight operations, customer feedback, human resources management, and finance. This enables them to recognize complex data patterns and increase operational efficiency and service quality.

  4. Siemens AG: Siemens uses Power BI to analyze data from its diverse business units. From production monitoring to customer analysis, Siemens uses Power BI to gain insights, optimize business processes, and identify growth opportunities.

  5. SAP SE: SAP uses Power BI to analyze data from various areas of the company. From finance and HR management to sales and marketing, SAP uses Power BI to visualize data, gain insights, and make informed decisions.

To delve a little deeper into the Power BI world yourself, you can exchange best practices and share resources in the Power BI community. The official Microsoft documentation offers a wide range of exciting insights into proven practical examples and guidelines. You can also delve deeper into the topic via various Power BI blogs and specialist magazines. As is always the case with all technologies: in order to succeed in the market – stay up-to-date.

Are you ready to gain your own experience and take your knowledge to the next level? Then our tailor-made Power BI online training program is just right for you! 

Are you interested in alternatives to Power BI?

Depending on your area of application and needs, there are alternatives to MS Power BI, which are worth mentioning, such as Tableau, Qlik View / Qlik Sense, Google Data Studio, Looker and Sisense. 

Tableau is valued by many companies for its flexibility and ease of use and is known for its powerful virtualization features. QlikView and Qlik Sense offer robust data integrations and self-service analytics capabilities, while the integrated Google Data Studio is a cost-effective option. Looker also offers comprehensive BI capabilities that can be used for data analysis, reporting, and decision making.

Before choosing a BI platform, specific requirements such as budget and preferences should be defined. It can also be useful to evaluate different options and test them in demo versions in order to find the best solution for your own team or company.

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