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IT bootcamps alongside your job: start your career in the digital world without changing jobs!

4th July 2024

Find out here why IT bootcamps can be your path to a flexible career.

IT bootcamps alongside your job: start your career in the digital world without changing jobs!

Are you dreaming of an exciting and future-proof job in the IT sector, but dreading the thought of quitting your job and studying full-time? Then IT bootcamps alongside your job are just the thing for you!

This comprehensive guide will tell you everything you need to know about this innovative training opportunity:

1. What are IT bootcamps and why are they perfect for working professionals?

IT bootcamps are intensive and practice-oriented short-term programmes that prepare you for work in a specific IT career field in just a few months. In contrast to a traditional degree programme, a bootcamp teaches you the most important skills and technologies in a condensed and practical form so that you can quickly start your career.

IT bootcamps are particularly attractive for working professionals as they are:

  • Flexible and can be completed part-time: Many bootcamps offer part-time or evening courses, so you can easily balance your training with your job and personal life.

  • Achieve your goal faster: Compared to a degree programme, a bootcamp will teach you the content relevant to your job in less time, allowing you to start your career in the IT industry faster.

  • Offer practice-orientated training: At a bootcamp, you don't just learn theory, but apply your knowledge directly in practical exercises and projects.

  • Offer good job opportunities: The demand for qualified IT professionals is high and graduates of IT bootcamps therefore have excellent chances of finding a well-paid job in the industry.

2. What types of IT bootcamps are available outside of work?

The variety of IT bootcamps is large and there are programmes for almost every area of the IT industry. Some of the most popular bootcamps outside of work include

  • Data science bootcamps: in a data science bootcamp, you will learn how to collect, analyse and interpret data in order to gain valuable insights for companies.

  • Data analytics bootcamps: In a data analytics bootcamp, you will learn how to prepare, visualise and communicate data in order to make data-based decisions.

  • Coding bootcamps: In a coding bootcamp, you will learn the basics of programming and how to develop web-based applications and software.

  • Web development bootcamps: In a web development bootcamp, you will learn how to create modern and appealing websites and web applications.

  • Software Development Bootcamps: In a Software Development Bootcamp you will learn how to develop complex software programmes and systems.

3. How do I find the best part-time bootcamp for my needs?

When choosing the right part-time bootcamp, you should consider various factors:

  • Your interests and goals: What do you want to achieve with the bootcamp? What type of job in the IT industry do you want to pursue?

  • Your previous knowledge: What previous knowledge and experience do you have? Are there specific programming languages or technologies that you already know?

  • Your time budget: How much time can you invest in the bootcamp per week?

  • Your budget: How much money do you want to spend on the bootcamp?

  • The reputation of the bootcamp provider: Find out about the experience and reputation of the bootcamp provider and read reviews from former participants.

  • The content and course format: What content is taught in the bootcamp? What is the course format (face-to-face, online or hybrid)? Are there flexible learning options?

4. What does an IT bootcamp cost alongside work?

The cost of an IT bootcamp alongside work varies depending on the provider, the type of bootcamp and its duration. As a rule, the costs are between €2,000 and €10,000. This also depends on whether it is a classroom course or an online course and how long/intensive you want to train.

Financing options:

  • Self-financing: You finance the bootcamp yourself from your savings or salary.

  • Funding from the Federal Employment Agency: Under certain conditions, you can receive funding from the Federal Employment Agency.

  • Education loan: You take out an education loan to finance the bootcamp.

  • Employer support: Some companies provide financial support for their employees to take part in further training.

5. How can I prepare for an IT bootcamp alongside my job?

To increase your chances of success at an IT bootcamp alongside your job, you can prepare yourself in advance in various ways:

  • Find out about the IT industry and your chosen bootcamp: read specialist articles and blog posts, attend industry events and find out about the requirements and expectations in your chosen career field.

  • Brush up on your maths and logic skills: Maths and logic play an important role in many IT professions. It can therefore be helpful to brush up on your knowledge in these areas.

  • Learn the basics of programming: If you have no programming experience, you can learn the basics of programming online or in books.

  • Improve your English skills: In the IT industry, English is the dominant language. You should therefore improve your English skills in order to be able to follow the course materials and technical discussions.

  • Network with other people interested in IT: Socialise with other people interested in IT and share your plans and experiences with them. You can also participate in online communities or local meetups.


IT bootcamps alongside your job offer an excellent opportunity to enter the IT industry without changing jobs and significantly improve your career prospects.

With the right preparation, motivation and discipline, you can achieve your goals and realise your dream job in the digital world.

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