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Job centre retraining: This is how much money you get from the job centre!

20th June 2024

Are you unhappy with your job and want to reorient yourself?

Retraining can help you embark on a new career path and improve your career prospects. But how much money do you actually get from the job centre if you retrain?

In this extended article, you can find out everything you need to know about the financial benefits provided by the job centre for retraining.

What benefits are available?

  • The job centre supports you with various financial benefits during retraining:

  • Retraining allowance: The retraining allowance is a monthly payment to cover your living expenses during retraining. The amount of the retraining allowance depends on your marital status and income situation. As a rule, it is between €600 and €1,900 per month.

  • Course fees: The job centre usually covers the costs of the course fees for your retraining. (see “Bildungsgutschein”)

  • Travel costs: If you have to commute to the retraining course, the job centre will cover your travel costs up to a certain amount.

  • Childcare costs: If you have children who need to be looked after during your retraining, the job centre will cover the costs of childcare.

  • Health assistance: If you fall ill during your retraining, you are entitled to health assistance from the job centre.

  • Integration training: Integration courses for people with a migration background can also be subsidised by the job centre.

  • Vocational preparation: Under certain conditions, the job centre can also support vocational preparation that precedes the start of retraining.

Additional funding options:

  • Education allowance: If you have to finance your training yourself, you can apply for an education grant from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research under certain conditions.

  • Funding from the European Union: There are also funding programmes from the European Union for some retraining courses.

What requirements do you need to fulfill?

In order to receive financial support from the employment office for retraining, you must fulfill certain requirements:

  • You must be unemployed or registered as unemployed.

  • You must fulfill the necessary requirements for retraining. These include, for example, a specific school-leaving qualification or work experience.

  • The retraining must improve your prospects on the labour market.

  • You must successfully complete the retraining programme.

  • In individual cases, retraining can also be subsidized if you are still in a fixed-term employment relationship.

How can you submit an application?

If you are interested in retraining and fulfilling the requirements, you can submit an application for funding to the employment office. To do this, you will need various documents, e.g. your CV, certificates and proof of the costs of the retraining programme.

Tip: It is best to seek advice from a counsellor at the employment office before submitting your application. They can help you to complete the application correctly and compile all the necessary documents.


Retraining can help you to improve your career opportunities and find a new, future-proof job. The job centre will support you with various financial benefits.

Find out early on about the requirements and how to apply so that you can start your retraining programme successfully.

Additional tips:

  • Find out about various retraining programmes.

  • Choose a retraining programme that interests you and uses your skills and talents.

  • Plan your retraining programme carefully and set yourself realistic goals.

  • Make use of the support of the job centre and other advice centres.

With the right preparation and support, you can successfully complete your retraining programme and improve your career prospects. Take a look at our courses, maybe there is something suitable for you?

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