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Labour office vacancies: When are most jobs sought?

20th June 2024

A guide to optimizing your job search

Labour office vacancies: When are most jobs sought?

The right time to look for a job

Looking for a new job can be quite nerve-wracking, especially if you don't know when your chances are best. But hey, there's good news: There are certain times of the year when the demand for labour is particularly high. In this detailed guide, you'll find out when you'll find the most job vacancies at the job centre and how you can optimise your job search.

Seasonal fluctuations in the labour market

The demand for labour fluctuates throughout the year. In general, the job market is at its best in spring and autumn. During these months, many companies hire new employees for the coming financial year or terminate fixed-term contracts.

However, the exact timing varies depending on the sector. In the construction industry, for example, demand is particularly high in summer, while in the tourism industry there are more vacancies in winter. In addition to these sector-related fluctuations, there are also regional differences. There are generally more vacancies in urban centres than in rural areas.

Other factors that influence the job market situation

In addition to seasonality and regional differences, there are other factors that can influence the job market situation:

The economic situation: in times of economic growth, companies tend to hire more employees.

Current events: Major events such as trade fairs or sporting events can lead to a short-term increase in job vacancies.

Demographic change: Demographic change means that more and more people are retiring and fewer young people are entering the labour market. This can lead to a shortage of skilled labour in some sectors.

Technological progress: Technological progress is changing the world of work. Some jobs are disappearing while new ones are being created. Companies are therefore increasingly looking for employees with digital skills.

How to optimise your job search

To find the best vacancies and optimise your job search, you should follow these tips:

  • Find out about the current job market situation in your sector and region. Use the information provided by the Federal Employment Agency, industry associations and economic institutes.
    Create a meaningful application profile. Your profile should clearly and concisely describe your qualifications, experience and skills.

  • Actively apply for job vacancies. Use online job boards, recruitment agencies and your network in the industry.

  • Prepare thoroughly for job interviews. Find out about the company and practise typical questions.

  • Keep at it. Job hunting can take time and patience. Don't be discouraged if you don't find a new job straight away.

Additional support

The Federal Employment Agency offers you various forms of assistance in your job search:

  • Careers advice: Careers advice will help you find your way around the labour market and find a suitable career.

  • Placement in job vacancies: The Federal Employment Agency will place you in job vacancies.

  • Funding for further training: The Federal Employment Agency can cover the costs of further training (e.g. education voucher “Bildungsgutschein”) if this can improve your chances on the labour market.


The right time to look for a job is important, but not everything. With the right strategies and the support of the Federal Employment Agency, you can also successfully find a new job at other times of the year.

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