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Artificial intelligence: new skills for employees and companies?

8th July 2023

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You can find out what the topic of “Artificial Intelligence” (or AI for short) is all about with us.

The topic of "artificial intelligence" (or AI for short) is on everyone's lips today and is already being used in many areas. While companies are promising an opportunity to work more efficiently, some workers fear that this new development could jeopardize their jobs in the future. But what is so-called artificial intelligence all about?

What is meant by "Artificial Intelligence"?

Artificial intelligence is the process of transferring human thinking and the human ability to learn to a computer in such a way that it can independently solve different problems without having to be reprogrammed again and again. Artificial intelligence today is based on complex algorithms that enable the computer to find solutions independently. Machine Learning is a special subfield of artificial intelligence and refers to learning through experience. This is a form of artificial intelligence that is already being used most frequently in the commercial sector.

Why could AI skills become important for companies in the future?

More and more companies are choosing to use artificial intelligence in their operations. It helps companies to automate certain tasks and thereby make them more efficient. However, it can also help in decision-making by collecting and evaluating data that can provide valuable information to the entrepreneur. In addition to skills efficiency, artificial intelligence offers the advantage that human error is excluded. AI offers companies numerous advantages and it is foreseeable that companies that already exploit these skill possibilities today can differentiate themselves significantly from competitors.

In which areas could this be used?

Artificial intelligence can be adapted to be used for many different tasks in the company. In addition to sales and customer care, HR management, finance, as well as production and supply chain planning can benefit from AI. In addition, there are many other possible applications that can be exploited by companies. Various industries can benefit from AI - including finance, healthcare, green economy and circular economy as well as tourism, fashion and even art.

What opportunities and risks can AI have for companies and employees?

Among the great skill benefits that AI has to offer are automation and the possibility of personalization. Tasks can be performed precisely and accurately, and completed with high efficiency, requiring fewer people. The risks can include data protection problems as well as a possible susceptibility to technical errors. For employees, AI often changes the job profile significantly and they need to learn new skills to remain competitive in the job market. However, artificial intelligence also offers advantages for employees. Access to education can be made much easier, allowing workers to easily adapt to new conditions.

How can employees be prepared for the use of AI in companies?

If an AI integration is to function smoothly, not only the technical aspect is important. Employees should also be integrated into the process as early as possible. During the implementation, the employees concerned can try out the new system to ensure that the desired results can be achieved. This makes it easier to make improvements that can contribute to greater functionality and acceptance. If the employees are involved in the process and, if necessary, receive appropriate further training in this area, they also feel more secure and are happy to contribute to making this new project a success.

Why is the right skill implementation important for success?

With an AI implementation, you want to find the best possible concept for the company. This can only be achieved through thorough planning, in which the goals to be achieved are first precisely defined. A detailed test phase can then be used to ensure that the AI works as intended.

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