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Employment agency - what do employment agents do at the job center? How can they help me?

6th June 2024

How employment agents can help you with your job search

Employment agency - what do employment agents do at the job centre? How can they help me?

In today's world of work, the employment agency plays a central role in the placement of labour and the support of jobseekers. An essential part of this institution is the job centre employment agency, which plays a key role in finding people suitable jobs and supporting them on their way into the labour market. But what exactly does a job centre placement officer do and how can they help you?

The tasks of an employment agency

Job centre employment agencies have a variety of tasks aimed at bringing jobseekers together with potential employers and helping them to integrate into the labour market. The main tasks include

  1. Counselling and advising jobseekers: Job counsellors conduct in-depth interviews with job seekers to assess their professional qualifications, experience and aspirations. These interviews are crucial for identifying individual strengths and weaknesses and creating a customised placement plan.

  2. Preparation of application documents: Another important aspect of a placement officer's work is to assist in the preparation of professional application documents. This includes CVs, cover letters and preparation for job interviews.

  3. Placement of job offers: Job brokers search available job openings and identify suitable positions for job seekers. They work closely with companies to understand their requirements and suggest suitable candidates.

  4. Organising further training: Jobseekers often need additional qualifications or training to improve their chances on the labour market. Employment agencies coordinate and organise appropriate further training measures and qualification courses.

  5. Advice on funding opportunities: There are various financial support options and funding programmes that can help jobseekers, for example integration grants or further training vouchers (‘Bildungsgutschein’). Employment agencies provide information about these options and help with the application process.

How can a job centre help?

An employment agency at the job centre offers a wide range of services aimed at providing jobseekers with the best possible support. Here are some specific ways in which a job centre can help you:

  1. Individual counselling sessions: in personal counselling sessions, the placement officer will analyse your professional situation and help you to define clear goals. This may include looking for a new job, retraining for a different profession or improving your current qualifications.

  2. Application training and counselling: A professional and well-structured application process is crucial for success on the labour market. The mediator will help you to optimise your application documents, give you job search tips and prepare you for job interviews.

  3. Placement of job offers: By working closely with companies, the employment agency has access to a large number of job vacancies that are often not advertised publicly. This increases your chances of finding a suitable position.

  4. Support with professional development: If you find that you lack certain qualifications to be successful in the labour market, the employment agency can help you find and fund suitable further training measures. This can range from short training courses to extensive retraining programmes.

  5. Promoting professional integration: There are special support programmes for certain target groups, such as the long-term unemployed or people with disabilities. An employment agency can help you to take advantage of these programmes and submit the necessary applications.

Working with the employment agency

Working with an employment agency also requires commitment and initiative on your part. It is important that you actively participate in the proposed measures and are open to the advice and support of the employment agency. Regular discussions and an ongoing dialogue are crucial to making the placement process a success.

Another important aspect is honesty in your dealings with the job centre. The placement agent can only help you effectively if you are honest about your situation, your strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, be transparent and open about your professional goals and challenges.


Employment agencies at job centres play a central role in supporting jobseekers. They make an important contribution to professional integration by providing comprehensive advice, placing job offers, organising further training measures and informing about funding opportunities. If you get actively involved in the placement process and make use of the support on offer, you can significantly improve your chances on the labour market and find suitable employment more quickly.

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